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Commercial Electrical Services

Do you need an electrical project planned, designed, and completed? Do you need commercial electrical repair services or ensure your business meets the electrical code? Business owners have enough challenges to face every day, don't let electrical issues be one of them. Whether it’s better lighting to make products more attractive or safety measures to prevent equipment damage, our trained experts know exactly how to improve and protect your business and let you get back to work. Get in touch with us today for your commercial electrical installation or repair services across the Kawartha Lakes.


Upgrades and Installations

We can help prevent work interruptions caused by electrical failures or surges by installing or upgrading equipment.



The electrical panel is responsible for making sure enough electricity reaches your equipment. Upgrade today to ensure a steady electrical supply.


No matter what happens, you'll always have power by installing or upgrading a generator.

Surge Protection

Electronics are expensive investments. Protect yours with a whole house surge protector.


Transformers are designed for specific environmental conditions such as moist air or low temperatures. Hire a professional so that you have the right size and model.

Telecommunications Systems

Technical incompatibilities between devices can interrupt communication. We can connect employees to each other by designing, planning, finding parts, and installing the network that will suit your needs.


Safety and Lighting

If you would like a general safety inspection, call us for an appointment. Lighting sets the mood for your business. Dimly lit areas can also be hazardous, so prevent workplace injuries by calling us. 


Replace Old Unsafe Wiring

Many commercial spaces go through remodel after remodel in order to accommodate the most recent tenant. We will inspect, clean-up all loose electrical, and make it safe and reliable for future use.  

Detectors & Fire Alarms

We will install a system that will bring your building up to current fire code or look after new installations start to finish.

Electrical Code Updates

These updates are designed to improve safety. Contact Ouellet Connection to make sure your business is up to standard.

Perimeter and outdoor lighting

Draw attention to your business or deter thieves with weather-resistant outdoor lighting. Stop potential trespassers with perimeter lights to scare them away.

Interior Lighting

Good lighting can make any space feel more pleasant and professional, so consider having us install decorative new indoor lighting to enhance your customer experience.

Pot and Track Lighting

Your customers will know exactly where to go with our track lights to guide the way, or save space with recessed lighting.

Ballast Replacements

Are your bulbs burning out too often? You may need a ballast replacement.


Renovations and Construction

Ouellet Connection can assist you with wiring during all phases of construction and renovation. Talk to us about how we can help complete your project work on schedule.


If you need it, we do it:

  • Temporary power service installation

  • new builds

  • remodels

  • Retail/Office Space

  • Code Updates and Corrections

  • Electrical System Upgrades

  • Wiring Upgrades

  • Signage

  • motors

  • Maintenance

  • Specialty Receptacles

  • Ballast and Bulb Replacement

  • Recessed Lighting

  • Agricultural

  • Custom Lighting Design

  • Electrical Safety Inspections

  • Troubleshooting

  • Surge Protection

  • Automatic standby generator installations


  • Landscape and Security Lighting

  • Fire ALARM system installation

  • Custom work



  • Years of experience in the electrical industry
  • Highly qualified master electrician
  • Professional and reliable electrical services
  • Safety is #1

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